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Read about news and issues around the 2020 election.

Utah State Capitol at night

Utah election update: All 7 constitutional amendments expected to pass

Here’s where the seven amendments on the Utah ballot stand at the end of election night.
I voted sticker spool on white background

Utah election update: McAdams concedes House race to Owens; Cox wins race for governor

See the latest numbers from the 2020 election in Utah.
Buffy Yaple holding Trump flags

Photos: Election night in Utah

View images of election night events that occurred throughout Utah.
A memo written by Chuck Lepper regarding speech and advertising on campus

SLCC sends Election Day reminder about campus speech policies

Chuck Lepper, the vice president of SLCC Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, sent a memo to students and employees regarding campus speech.
Person holding a "Vote!" sign

Voter education: Getting young voters to the polls

With the efforts of Voterise, and other such organizations, people are becoming more educated about the importance of voting.
Utah State Capitol

A closer look at some of this year’s amendments

Learn more about the some of the constitutional amendments on Utah ballots this year.
Kanye speaking to his followers

Kanye West is a presidential candidate in Utah

Billionaire hip-hop artist Kanye West made it onto Utah's ballot as a presidential candidate.
Headshot of Danielle Davis

Op-ed: I’m voting for affordable health care

Danielle Davis explains why health care is her main reason for voting in the 2020 election.
USPS mailboxes

Mail-in voting is on the rise

Voterise executive director Hope Zitting-Goeckeritz breaks down mail ballots and how they may affect voter turnout in Utah this year.
Stickers with "I voted" inscription and flag of USA

2020 election survey: Respondents prioritize climate change, race, ethnic inequality

Read some of the top responses submitted by participants of The Globe's 2020 election survey.
Trump speaks as Biden waits his turn

Trump, Biden square off in final presidential debate

The final debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden gave viewers a clearer contrast between the candidates and their policies.
Austin Fashimpaur wears a black SLCC mask

Video: #SLCCvotes 2020

SLCC students Molly McKeon and Austin Fashimpaur discuss the importance of voting.