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2020 Election

Read about news and issues around the 2020 election.

Utah State Capitol

Get the 411 on Utah’s candidates

Learn more about the candidates running for local, state and national offices in Utah.
Burgess Owens

#SLCCvotes: 5 questions for Burgess Owens

Learn more about Burgess Owens, the Republican candidate for Utah's 4th Congressional District.
Ben McAdams

#SLCCvotes: 5 questions for Ben McAdams

Learn more about Rep. Ben McAdams, the Democratic incumbent for Utah's 4th Congressional District.
Devin Thorpe

#SLCCvotes: 5 questions for Devin Thorpe

Learn more about Devin Thorpe, the Democratic candidate for Utah's 3rd Congressional District.
J. Robert Latham

#SLCCvotes: 5 questions for J. Robert Latham

Learn more about J. Robert Latham, the Libertarian candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District.
Kael Weston

#SLCCvotes: 5 questions for Kael Weston

Learn more about Kael Weston, the Democratic candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District.
Darren Parry

​#SLCCvotes: 5 questions for Darren Parry

Learn more about Darren Parry, the Democratic candidate for Utah's 1st Congressional District.
Trent Staggs

#SLCCvotes: 5 questions for Trent Staggs

Learn more about Trent Staggs, the Republican candidate for Salt Lake County Mayor.
Jenny Wilson

#SLCCvotes: 5 questions for Jenny Wilson

Learn more about current Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson, the Democrat running for reelection.
Portrait of Heather Maggio-Brooks

Op-ed: I’m voting for racial equality and police reform

SLCC student Heather Maggio-Brooks writes about the reasons she is voting in the 2020 election.
Donald Trump gestures while speaking

Why presidential debates matter

Thursday's presidential debate gives voters one more opportunity to compare President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.
Portrait of Jade Simmons

Op-ed: One vote can change the world

SLCC student Jade Simmons explains how an unsung hero from "The Lord of the Rings" can be an example to others this upcoming election.