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JD Radford hosting What's Bruin'

What’s Bruin’ – Would You Rather?

Watch as SLCC students are quizzed on what they would rather choose when there is no good choice.
Mavaney Burnham, Chase Eckman and Katelyn MacDuff standing on a game show set

What’s Bruin’ – Ax Throwing Challenge

Join host Mavaney Burnham and competitors Katelyn MacDuff and Chase Eckman as they determine who throws the best ax on this episode of What's Bruin'.
Calvin Jackson in studio

Globe News: Nov. 2, 2023

On this episode of Globe News, learn about spring semester registration, accessibility and disability resources for students, and art exhibitions on campus.
Marcus Webster in studio

Globe News: Oct. 26, 2023

On this episode of Globe News, join host Marcus Webster as he informs viewers about events happening on campus.
Claudia Jahen in studio

Globe News: Oct. 24, 2023

Join Globe News host Claudia Jahen to learn more about access changes at South City Campus and what's happening around campus.
Sound technicians in foreground, audience and bands near stage in background

Student bands dial it to 11 with song covers for on-campus concert

Four bands comprised of SLCC students performed live in the South City Campus multipurpose room for the Popular Music Bands Concert on Oct. 12.
Addison Whitmer in the TV studio

Globe News: May 2, 2023, episode 2

Learn about SLCC's block party, a whale of a sculpture, SLCC's newest campus, and the senior fashion show on this episode of Globe News.
Addison Whitmer and Mavaney Burnham seated at news desk

Globe News: May 2, 2023, episode 1

Learn about SLCC summer classes, free massages, sushi making, and student radio show finales on this episode of Globe News.
Ryan Bingham smiles while wearing earphones

What’s Bruin’- Whisper Challenge

Need a laugh? Watch as Nicole Spearman and Ryan Bingham compete to win the Whisper Challenge on this episode of What's Bruin'.
Eli Hansen, Asia Soth, and Eric Drubbing seated at a table

What’s Bruin’ – Hot Wing Challenge

Watch as two SLCC students attempt to complete the Reaper Wing Challenge in three minutes.
Mavaney Burnham, left, and Haily Askerlund in studio

Globe News – April 20, 2023

On this episode, the Globe News team covers SLCC's dance concert, Stress Less Week, ChatGPT and other stories.
Eli Hansen, left, interviews Payton England

What’s Bruin’ – Students share favorite social media

SLCC students discuss their favorite social media platforms with producer Eli Hansen on this episode of What's Bruin'.