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Read opinion pieces and editorials written by Globe staff members. You can also find Letters to the Editor submitted by Globe readers.

Man in black shirt and gray denim pants sitting on gray bench

Letter to the editor: Suicide awareness at SLCC

A group of students at Salt Lake Community College would like to spread awareness for suicide prevention.
Woman holding blue smartphone

Missing: The art of conversation

Amie Schaeffer, editor-in-chief of The Globe, shares her thoughts about the absence of meaningful conversation.
Woman in Black and Red Off-shoulder Top

The morning after: A reflection on the 2020 election

Globe editor-in-chief Amie Schaeffer remains hopeful amid the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 election.
Headshot of Danielle Davis

Op-ed: I’m voting for affordable health care

Danielle Davis explains why health care is her main reason for voting in the 2020 election.
Portrait of Heather Maggio-Brooks

Op-ed: I’m voting for racial equality and police reform

SLCC student Heather Maggio-Brooks writes about the reasons she is voting in the 2020 election.
Portrait of Jade Simmons

Op-ed: One vote can change the world

SLCC student Jade Simmons explains how an unsung hero from "The Lord of the Rings" can be an example to others this upcoming election.
Portrait of Brenna Coleman

Op-ed: I’m voting for a future our youth can count on

SLiCE Youth Development Lead Brenna Coleman is using her vote to help ensure a better future for our youth.
Kingsbury Hall lit red, white and blue

Letter from the editor: Make your voice heard this election year

Editor in chief Amie Schaeffer reflects on the vice presidential debate and how students can make their voice heard this election year.
Headshot of Gwyn Fowler

Op-ed: The atrocity of educational budget cuts

Salt Lake Community College student Gwyn Fowler explains why this upcoming election is important to her.
Man in white dress shirt using Macbook Pro

Online classes become new normal; pants optional

The coronavirus pandemic has changed higher education. Tyler Bearss explains some of the benefits of online learning.
Theo Moss smiling

Op-ed: I’m voting for health care

Theo Moss explains why health care is their main concern for the 2020 election.
Headshot of Deeqa Hamid

Open letter: Why your vote counts

Deeqa Hamid explains how SLCC students can be a driving force for change in the upcoming election.