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Panel 1: Student 1 and Student 2 say "Hey" to each other. Panel 2: Student 2 says, "It's been a while. How've you been?" Panel 3: Student 1 smiles in a daze, processing, while Student 2 says, "Hello?" Panel 4: Student 1 continues to smile, processing "How've you been?" Panel 5: Inside Student 1's brain, a light clicks on as miniature humanoids look up Panel 6: As the words "How've you been?" enter Student 1's brain, miniature humanoids cower inside Panel 7: The message "Brain.exe has stopped working" appears as Student 1's eyes glaze over. Student 2 says, "You good?"

Comic: Brain lag

Cartoonist Iris A. Sterr examines the inner workings of a student's mind in this comic for The Globe.
A person, wearing a backwards baseball cap with the words "Spring term" and a shirt with the words "daylight savings" written on the right sleeve, walking while dragging a blanket with a tired person laying on the blanket. Text reads: "Welcome Back Guys! Don't Worry, We're Halfway There"

Comic: Welcome back

As we cross the midway point in the spring semester, cartoonist Iris A. Sterr marks the occasion with a new comic for The Globe.
Restroom door and signage

Letter to the Editor: Expanding inclusive restroom signage initiative, pilot 3

Joyce Wambuyi and Emma Jones from the SLCC Student Association share an update on the campus inclusive restroom signage initiative.
"Rooted in Oakland since '68" sign above entrance to Oakland Coliseum

Baseball loves a good curse. Utah is headed right toward one

Baseball fans in the Beehive State should be wary of a possible temporary relocation of the Oakland Athletics to Utah, says The Globe's editor-in-chief, Sean Stetson.
Panel 1: Person cowers, screaming "NO NO NO"; Panel 2: Person reaches off frame, shouting "Stay"; Panel 3: Person holds a piano over their head, shouting "BACK" at a second figure; Panel 4: Front view of the second figure, with "Midterms" written on face and "Coming soon" written on t-shirt, saying "Hey, where'd you get that piano from?"; Panel 5: Person throws the piano, smashing the "Midterms" figure.

Comic: It’s coming, again

In their latest comic for The Globe, cartoonist Iris A. Sterr captures a feeling many students share at this point in the semester.
Restroom door and signage

Letter to the Editor: Updating inclusive restroom signage initiative

Joyce Wambuyi and Emma Jones address changes to SLCCSA's inclusive restroom signage initiative after Utah House Bill 257 was signed into law.
Panel 1: Tourist walks past two people outside of a Chinese market, decorated in red. Panel 2: Tourist has a flushed face and starry eyes. Panel 3: Silhouette of a Chinese dragon creeping up behind tourist. Panel 4: Chinese dragon gets closer to the tourist, who has a suspicious look on their face. Panel 5: Chinese dragon is right behind the tourist, who turns around. Panel 6: Tourist jumps back in fright at the sight of Chinese dragon. Panel 7: Hand reaches out through dragon's mouth to pick up tourist's hat. Happy Lunar New Years.

Comic: Lunar New Year

Cartoonist Iris A. Sterr celebrates the Lunar New Year in their latest comic strip for The Globe.
The Delta Center in 2023, post-rebranding

Why an NHL team would work in Utah

In this op-ed for The Globe, staff writer and copy editor Kyle Forbush offers several arguments in support of an NHL franchise in Utah.
Panel 1: Person sitting in a chair in the dark, says "It's been a long time..." Panel 2: A pile of old food containers sits on the floor, person says "I was almost out of supplies, but it's almost over now." Panel 3: Person with focused eyes says, "If I can hold on just a bit longer..." Panel 4: Off screen, person says, the snow will be all melted" as a window shows two people playing in snow. Panel 5: Still in the dark, person says with a grin: "At last, I will have avoided the snow completely." Panel 6: Person, sitting in chair, snickers, "Just a few more days. Hmhmhm hehe hehe." Panel 7: Person raises arms and laughs maniacally, while a second creature wearing a hat and scarf enters and stands beside person. Panel 8: Creature sprouts tail and horns, places hand on person's shoulder, and person gives a puzzled facial expression. Panel 9: Creature drags person out of house, into snow, while person screams "NOOOOO"

Comic: Just a bit more

Cartoonist Iris A. Sterr highlights the challenge of waiting out winter in their latest comic for The Globe.
Drag queen Trey McEuen dressed as Hysteria while inside a bar

Decoding anti-drag sentiment, locally and in the US

The recent surge in public threats toward all-ages drag events is most concerning to drag performers, allies and the wider LGBTQ+ community.
Panel 1: Person with head down between two stacks of books. Panel 2: Person looks up, pencil and stick notes stuck on forehead. Panel 3: Person looks excitedly to the side and says "What's this?" Panel 4: Person looks at December on a calendar and says "What's this? Could this be true?" Panel 5: Person grabs the calendar and says "Is the term really through?" Panel 6: Merson throws calendar aside and raises fists, proclaiming "At last." Panel 7. Person saying "I'm done" while smiling and pushing books away. Panel 8: Person runs outside with sled and stocking cap and scarf, saying "I'm free to go have fun." Panel 9: "Person raises fists and says "I can finally be free!" as a second person wearing a "spring term" knit cap looks puzzled.

Comic: The nightmare before spring term

Cartoonist Iris A. Sterr personifies the fleeting nature of winter break in this comic for The Globe.
Panel 1: Person 1 seated and shivering as Person 2 walks by. Panel 2: Person 2 walks out of view as Person 1 continues shivering. Panel 3: Person 2 wraps blanket around Person 1. Panel 4: Person 2 places hot drink beside Person 1. Panel 5: Person 2 places headphones on Person 1 and plays music. Panel 6: Person 2 walks away as Person 1 gets emotional. Panel 7: Person 1 crying while resting on ground under blanket, CHC phone and website information above.

Comic: Everyone needs help sometimes

Cartoonist Iris A. Sterr illustrates the value of supporting one another in their latest comic for The Globe.