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Avoid culturally offensive Halloween costumes

Everyone dresses up for Halloween, but Jocelyn Camargo says some costume choices can cross a line with other cultures.
Kingsbury Hall lit red, white and blue

Letter from the editor: Make your voice heard this election year

Editor in chief Amie Schaeffer reflects on the vice presidential debate and how students can make their voice heard this election year.
Interview with Dan Farr

He Said She Said: Exclusive with Dan Farr and FanX

Julio and Marilei Puentes landed an exclusive interview with Salt Lake Comic Con producer Dan Farr before FanX, which takes place April 17-19. The pair also discuss possible late additions to the convention roster.
Rows of seedlings

Gardens can offer therapeutic outlet during quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic gives students more time to take up gardening.
Telehealth instructions

Op-ed: Coping with COVID-19

Curtis Larsen, the assistant vice president of Student Services, has a message for SLCC students affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

National anthem debate continues

Tanner Barr shares another perspective on the recent controversy surrounding the national anthem.
Portrait of Jade Simmons

Op-ed: One vote can change the world

SLCC student Jade Simmons explains how an unsung hero from "The Lord of the Rings" can be an example to others this upcoming election.
He Said She Said

He Said She Said: The Fan Experience and Volunteers

He Said She Said explore about the experience of attending Salt Lake Comic Con and the training that the volunteers receive.
Brian wears Denver Broncos gear

Sports and competition: A missing distraction

Contributing writer Brian Preece says life is empty without the consistency that comes with pro and college sports.
Michael stands in front of bookcase

Observing America’s pandemic response from abroad

Former Utah resident Michael McLane reflects on experiencing the coronavirus pandemic while living in New Zealand.

5 activities to do with family on Thanksgiving

Here are five things you and your family can do on Thanksgiving to truly appreciate the holiday.
Portrait of Brenna Coleman

Op-ed: I’m voting for a future our youth can count on

SLiCE Youth Development Lead Brenna Coleman is using her vote to help ensure a better future for our youth.