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Life under siege: how computers are ruining everything

Hours, days, months, years. Add it all up and how much time have you spent in front of a computer screen? According to recent studies...
PSL graphic with URL

Students of every major can gain from the PSL

Emma Fox explains how the Presentation Skills Lab can benefit students from any major.

The Weekly Reel: Fairy tale fancy

The Globe presents a look at the recent trend of the "mature" fairy tale film.
Meatless burger with avocados and tomatoes

The leap into a vegetarian diet can be daunting, but rewarding

Nadhirrah explains how to begin a vegetarian diet and options available for substituting meat.
Rain-soaked protesters march in solidarity

Photos: Thousands protest in Salt Lake City over death of George Floyd

Globe photographer Jared Stanger continues to follow anti-racism protests in Salt Lake City. Read his op-ed and view exclusive photos from the various demonstrations.
Man in white dress shirt using Macbook Pro

Online classes become new normal; pants optional

The coronavirus pandemic has changed higher education. Tyler Bearss explains some of the benefits of online learning.
State of the Union 2019

Commentary: Trump’s second State of the Union

Ana Luiza Ramos offers her perspective after President Donald Trump issued his second State of the Union address on Tuesday.
Branden Jackson

Student LookBook: Branden Jackson

Men are quickly becoming more aware of fashion and are acquiring stronger senses of style. During this project, I've been surprised by the amount...

‘I am SLCC’ is much more than a slogan

Greg Mooney explains how the "I am SLCC" pledge ensures that everyone is accepted on campus.

Heroin: A not so temporary solution

I can remember as though it were yesterday. I was sitting in my fifth grade class when my teacher introduced the police officer who...
Outside Siragusa's

Siragusa’s serves great Italian food

Award-winning restaurant's proximity to the Taylorsville Redwood campus make it a prime lunch destination for the hungry student.
Male fist with female in background

Enough is enough: It’s time to break the silence and shine a light on...

Globe reporter Tamra Rachol shares her story of domestic violence in the hopes that it may help someone in a similar situation.