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Can men and women be friends?

"Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter." -...

Catch the Health Disease: Don’t stress about stress

Towards the end of last semester, I began a new full time job. I was taking five classes, was on the newspaper staff, and...
Male fist with female in background

Enough is enough: It’s time to break the silence and shine a light on...

Globe reporter Tamra Rachol shares her story of domestic violence in the hopes that it may help someone in a similar situation.
Dr. Martin Luther King surrounded by supporters

From Inside the Glass: Martin Luther King Jr. Day helps us remember

In this week's edition of 'From inside the glass' assistant editor Rachael Folland discusses the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What to eat if you don’t want to catch the cold

As we get closer to the harsh winter months, it never hurts to have some additional help staving off diseases like the Flu and the common cold. Reporter Brook Bartlett gives you a list of foods to eat in order to avoid getting sick.

A Slick Look at Sports: A big rebound

After losing just five games all of last season, nervousness may have crept into the heart of Bruin Nation after the Salt Lake Community...

People make life worth living

Life really is beautiful. Part of what makes it so great is the fact that the happenings of crap we face allow us to...

He Said: Love is a bitter word

He said and she said this and that about love. Read on as writers Shad Engkilterra and Rachael Folland butt heads and hearts in a discussion of Valentine's Day. Here is He Said's point of view.

When did the holidays become so stressful?

It’s that of year again. The season of giving, receiving, and being overcome with Herculean amounts of stress and despair. Some of you reading...

Facebook: To post or not to post

Do you really know what happens after you click "post" on your Facebook wall? It floats around cyberspace forever. Every random thought or interesting...

Don’t worry, test taking can be easier

Linda Richards of the Disabilities Resource Center has five favorite techniques and practices she offers students to help reduce anxiety and enable exam success:...

Government surveillance practices can diminish right to privacy

The argument on the moral ethics on government surveillance continue, but when does safety take away from American rights?