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Amie Schaeffer sticks her tongue out

Letter from the editor: Farewell, Bruins

Read this heartfelt letter from Amie Schaeffer, who concludes her time as editor-in-chief of The Globe.
'Guacamelee!' is a platformer that features bright, stylized visuals.

Press [Start] to Game: ‘Guacamelee!’ body-slams new life into an old genre

Reporter Aldo Gomez reviews a metroidvania style video game full of Mexican inspired flair and style.

What about people who don’t like Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day was last week, and not everybody enjoyed it. Some people like me hate this holiday for many reasons: recently broke up, not...

Letter to the Editor: Where to get a good haircut

One student can't get a good haircut since SLCC shut down its barbering and cosmetology program.
Headshot of Danielle Davis

Op-ed: I’m voting for affordable health care

Danielle Davis explains why health care is her main reason for voting in the 2020 election.

Letter from the Editor: Enjoy the tunnel

As the fall 2018 semester begins, Globe Editor in Chief Marcos Aragon shares his unique perspective with incoming students.

Color blindness

The Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission held a meeting at Mountain View Elementary, a local elementary school in the Rose Park area of...

He Said She Said

He Said She Said is a new column by the popular youtubers, sharing opinions and ideas.

Sanitary sleeves?

Disgruntled employees and students desire change in our Lifetime Activities Center gym. Within the gym lays a certain rule, one that has students and...
Pink carnations on top of note that reads "To Our Black Students, With Love,"

To Our Black Students, with Love: Letter no. 24

SLCC alumna Ashley Sokia cheers on Black students after the Black Student Union poetry slam incident.
This painting by Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias was used to promote the upcoming American remake of Godzilla at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

The Weekly Reel: A tale of monsters and men

Arts reporter/movie reviewer Stephen Romney looks into the origins of the giant monster film genre better known as Kaiju.

Caliente Courting: Movies a no-no on the first date

I was recently asked by a guy name David if going to the movies for a first date was a good or bad idea....