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Nicholas Hoult stars in 'Warm Bodies'

‘Warm Bodies’ – what light through yonderr wnnn Brraaaaaaaaaains…

Arts reporter Stephen Romney reviews the latest in the monster romance genre "Warm Bodies".

5 activities to do with family on Thanksgiving

Here are five things you and your family can do on Thanksgiving to truly appreciate the holiday.
Merida wields a sword in the Disney movie "Brave"

Pixar hits a bull’s-eye with ‘Brave’

"Brave" earns high praise from Romney.

The Weekly Reel: an explosion of web based artistic promotions

Arts reporter Stephen Romney explains the rise in artistic contests tied to upcoming films.

Rah-rah SLCC professors

If you feel slightly embarrassed or second rate when someone asks you where you are going to school, and you have to admit, "at...
Alternative spring break group photo

Alternative Spring Break a fun learning experience

Veronica Aguilera shares her experience with a volunteer program offered by the Thayne Center.

College Vocabulary 1010: Provost

What does a “provost” do? Like most colleges, Salt Lake Community College retains a faculty member whose job title is not often seen outside of...

Invest in your future

Every year about this time the leaves start to change into beautiful autumn colors; dark reds, deep yellows and brilliant burnt orange. Accompanied by...

What’s up with the holidays?

I live in an apartment complex and I can see that literally hundreds of kids live there, so for Halloween I stocked up on...

The shortcomings of student presentations as a didactic medium

SLCC student Jameson D’Amato-Faulkner believes that presentations are a disservice to learning when compared to writing projects.

Is homosexuality a choice or science?

Michael Otterson, a representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently gave a statement regarding the Human Rights Petition delivered to...
Portrait of Jade Simmons

Op-ed: One vote can change the world

SLCC student Jade Simmons explains how an unsung hero from "The Lord of the Rings" can be an example to others this upcoming election.