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Students study near post production bays

Letter from the Editor: Look for the constants

Globe editor in chief Amie Schaeffer wants to hear from SLCC students as resume their schedules amid the coronavirus pandemic.
PSL graphic with URL

Students of every major can gain from the PSL

Emma Fox explains how the Presentation Skills Lab can benefit students from any major.
Main Street Park City, Sundance

Letter from the Editor: Sundance preview

The Globe welcomes new editor-in-chief Amie Schaeffer, who invites readers to follow extensive content on the Sundance Film Festival.
Kelly and Ray with donated items

‘Keep a Bruin Warm’ shields students from the cold

Kelly Brown recaps the "Keep a Bruin Warm" donation drive and encourages SLCC students and faculty to support those in need.
Knitted hat, scarf and blanket piled together

Donations, volunteers needed to ‘Keep a Bruin Warm’

One SLCC student seeks donations and volunteers for a clothing drive to fight campus poverty.
Noah Lewis in India

Letter from the Editor: Covering Utah’s vaping crisis

Globe editor in chief Noah Lewis previews exclusive student coverage of vaping in Utah.
Male fist with female in background

Enough is enough: It’s time to break the silence and shine a light on...

Globe reporter Tamra Rachol shares her story of domestic violence in the hopes that it may help someone in a similar situation.

Letter to the Editor: Civically Engaged Scholars

Cristobal Villegas encourages all students to join the Civically Engaged Scholars program.
Noah Lewis takes notes

In the field and in the newsroom, adaptability is critical

Noah Lewis reflects on his experience as a study abroad correspondent and how it is shaping his vision for The Globe.

Letter from the editor: Journalism will never die

Hayden O’Shea pens his farewell letter from the editor.
Woman covering her eyes

Editorial: Don’t be afraid to seek help

Staff writer Nina Yu talks about her struggle with social anxiety disorder in our latest mental health editorial.

Commentary: National emergency is anything but

Ana Luiza Ramos offers her analysis of the recent state of emergency declared by President Donald Trump.