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2020 Election

Read about news and issues around the 2020 election.

Headshot of Austin Fashimpaur

Op-ed: I’m voting for clean air and a sustainable future for Utah

Austin Fashimpaur, the SLiCE sustainability lead at Salt Lake Community College, argues for the importance of voting and its impact on our health.
President Donald Trump at podium

A preview of the 2020 presidential debates

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will take the stage for three debates before the 2020 presidential election.
Official Utah Republican 2020 primary ballot

Utah primary voting: What you need to know

Learn why the June 30 primary has captured the attention of several thousand Utah voters.
Bernie Sanders at podium

Students sound off on 2020 Democratic primary

SLCC students share their thoughts on the Democratic primary as the coronavirus affects voting in several states.
Bernie Sanders at podium

Utah Democrats favor Sanders

Super Tuesday led to some surprising results in the Utah Democratic primary.
Kingsbury at night

Utah to host 2020 vice presidential debate

The 2020 vice presidential debate will take place Oct. 7, 2020, at Kingsbury Hall.
Andrew Yang

Field of Democratic presidential candidates narrows

A large field of Democratic presidential candidates is bringing more diversity to the party's platform.