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2020 Election

Read about news and issues around the 2020 election.

Portrait of Brenna Coleman

Op-ed: I’m voting for a future our youth can count on

SLiCE Youth Development Lead Brenna Coleman is using her vote to help ensure a better future for our youth.
Black protester wears rainbow-colored mask

Protesters eye bigger issues than Pence and Harris

Several groups converged on Salt Lake City to protest outside the vice presidential debate on Oct. 7.
Kingsbury Hall lit red, white and blue

Letter from the editor: Make your voice heard this election year

Editor in chief Amie Schaeffer reflects on the vice presidential debate and how students can make their voice heard this election year.
Screenshot of debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence

Pence, Harris trade barbs during vice presidential debate

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris clashed over COVID-19, Breonna Taylor and climate change in a heated but civil debate at Kingsbury Hall.
Headshot of Gwyn Fowler

Op-ed: The atrocity of educational budget cuts

Salt Lake Community College student Gwyn Fowler explains why this upcoming election is important to her.
United States House of Representatives chamber at the United States Capitol in Washington

SLCC students invited to participate in 4th Congressional District debate

SLCC students can submit questions for Utah's 4th Congressional District debate on Oct. 12.
Theo Moss smiling

Op-ed: I’m voting for health care

Theo Moss explains why health care is their main concern for the 2020 election.
Person dropping paper in box

Calling all Bruins: Contribute to The Globe’s 2020 election survey

Take our survey and tell us what matters to you this election year.
American flag

Debate schedule for the 2020 election

Darren Parry and Blake Moore square off in the 1st Congressional District Debate on Thursday.
Headshot of Deeqa Hamid

Open letter: Why your vote counts

Deeqa Hamid explains how SLCC students can be a driving force for change in the upcoming election.
September 22 is National Voter Registration Day - Get #VoteReady

Celebrate National Voter Registration Day

Celebrate National Voter Registration Day today by registering to vote.
American election mail envelope with face mask

Voting in light of COVID-19

Utah voters still have time to register before the 2020 election.