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Read about all things food: culinary school, restaurants, recipes and more.

Melody Hernandez and her younger brother, Kingston

Selling cookies can help empower young women

The Girl Scout cookie program allows young women to develop essential skills they can use throughout their lives.
Bjorn’s Brew sign

Bjorn’s Brew: coffee with a cause

Save animals and drink gourmet coffee at Bjorn’s Brew in Salt Lake City. Ashley Stenger has a review.
Tosh's tonkotsu ramen

Restaurant review: Tosh’s Ramen gets the ramen renaissance right

Tucked away in an unassuming strip on State Street, Tosh’s Ramen is an ode to noodle shops across Asia.
Bottled beer on a store shelf

Change is brewing: Utah lawmakers could allow stronger beer in grocery stores

S.B. 132 would allow Utah grocery stores to sell beer with 4.8 percent alcohol content.
Rusted Sun cheese pizza

Restaurant review: Rusted Sun Pizzeria

Eric Jensen says the Rusted Sun Pizzeria, located just a few blocks away from South City Campus, offers great Italian fare for a student budget.
Shake Shack sign

Famous burger joint Shake Shack comes to Utah

Burger lovers rejoice: Shake Shack will open its first Utah location in 2019.
Search terms bar graph

Orthorexia nervosa: When eating healthy becomes unhealthy obsession

For anyone who suffers from orthorexia nervosa, the desire to eat healthy can become so extreme that it interrupts daily life.
Culinary waffles

SLCC culinary students rise above competition

Students in the SLCC Culinary Institute have won multiple SkillsUSA contests in recent years.
RoHa beers

Yes, Salt Lake City has some amazing beer

Here is a short list of local breweries making a name for themselves in this fast-growing beer market.
RoHa sign

RoHa brews up stout craft beer selections

Learn more about the RoHa Brewing Project, a new brewery located near the SLCC South City Campus.
Club Rush at South

Say hello to these SLCC clubs

Club Rush has come and gone, but SLCC students can still join one of the dozens of clubs on campus. Camryn Jensen has the details.
Large kitchen at the SLCC Culinary Institute

SLCC Culinary Institute has all the ingredients to help students succeed

At the SLCC Culinary Institute, students feel empowered through the creation of something we all love: food.