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Read about all things food: culinary school, restaurants, recipes and more.

What to eat if you don’t want to catch the cold

As we get closer to the harsh winter months, it never hurts to have some additional help staving off diseases like the Flu and the common cold. Reporter Brook Bartlett gives you a list of foods to eat in order to avoid getting sick.
SLCC culinary students cooking

Utah Home Show cook-off features SLCC culinary students

Culinary students put their skills to the test in a battle of the sexes at the South Towne Exposition Center. Elysa Giles has more on this story.
The very hungry caterpiller

Students checked out edible books at the library

Event at Markosian Library involved books, food, judges and imagination.
Figs are a superfood among fruits.

Surprise carolers with some prepared figgy pudding

Food reporter Nadhirrah explains the history and tradition of a Christmas favorite, figgy pudding.
A pile of artichokes

Of gods, temptation and artichokes

At the heart of the most desirable vegetable is the artichoke.

The latest nutrition accessory – kale is the new green

Food columnist Nadhirrah explains the popularity and benefits of the leafy green kale.
Beets are simple crops, but they have a wide variety of uses.

For healing through diet, you can’t beat a beet

The lowly beet wasn’t always the boring, ignored or even hated vegetable that it is for many people today. In ancient times, some even...
Vegetables wrapped up in lettuce

BYOL–Bring your own lunch

Bringing a brown bag lunch to school or work saves money and makes mealtime special.

A Thanksgiving primer: know stuffing from dressing

Nadhirrah explains the difference between stuffing and dressing for a healthy Thanksgiving meal.

Respect and appreciation is main course at 4th annual Diversity Dinner

The diversity dinner was held to help participants have a meaningful conversation with people from different backgrounds as seating was randomly assigned.
Search terms bar graph

Orthorexia nervosa: When eating healthy becomes unhealthy obsession

For anyone who suffers from orthorexia nervosa, the desire to eat healthy can become so extreme that it interrupts daily life.
Apples cut with cinnimon

Keeping the Doctor away

Nadhirrah explains some of the benefits from eating an apple a day.