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Read opinion pieces and editorials written by Globe staff members. You can also find Letters to the Editor submitted by Globe readers.

The importance of saying greetings!

I'm coming from a culture where is very important to say the greetings. You woke up in the morning you say "Hi" to your...

Letter to the Editor: Keep the ‘Globe’ running

Dear Editor: It is my understanding that the Globe newspaper is rumored to go out of business by February of next year. I would like...

Letter to the Editor: Student fee priorities

The Globe newspaper is a very functional tool. It has put me in touch with fellow sports writers at the Deseret News. The way...

Student LookBook: Japanese fashion trends

I've heard many things about the advanced fashion sense of the Japanese. Luckily, I was able to visit Tokyo long enough to catch a...

Letter to the Editor: ‘Globe’ isn’t relatable

Dear Editor, When I was in high school, the day the paper came out was always an awesome day. Every nose was buried in the...

Letter to the Editor: ‘Globe’ budget cuts hurt more than student journalism

To Whom It May Concern: It is from my understanding that you will be cutting the budget from the journalism department. I am writing you...

Ask Mom: Smothered

Dear Mom, My mom runs my life. When I started college a year ago, I thought she'd back off a bit and give me breathing...

Ask Mom: Lost in the seaweed

Mom, I don't get it. I have studied for each and every exam I have taken so far in college and have ended up with...

Student LookBook: Michelle Boucher

I wanted to take a special look at news media for this week's LookBook. I am going to focus on Michelle Boucher, a former...

Letter to ‘Globe’ readers

Dear Readers, I've wanted to be a writer since the first time I held a pen. I started my own magazine when I was 12...

Is the tuition increase necessary?

Is the tuition increase necessary? This is the question that many have struggled to answer ever since the proposed tuition increase forum, which was...

Ask Mom: In a quandary

Dear Mom, How often is too often for someone to ask you for your notes and how do you politely tell them no? Generally,...