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Extra! Extra! Read all about it, or not

In today's world people are saturated with different forms of communication. From texting, instant messaging, to television and the internet, people are constantly in...

The importance of learning a foreign language

"Being a multicultural person - or at least a citizen of the world - is in the very foundation of everything we do here...whether...

Radio a relic?

Working for a few hours a day, getting really decent pay, listening to music, plus all kinds of free stuff sounds good to a...

Guns, guns, for everyone!

A pervasive silliness has infected vast segments of the American population with an anti-gun, anti-freedom-that is to say, anti-American-sentiment. Millions of citizens within the...
Leah Schreiner

Student LookBook: Ruth Ruiz

Take a risk this summer. Maybe some people are afraid to show what they're made of, but using default mode is no fun. There...

Have fun today, pay for it tomorrow

There's a perpetual plague sweeping the nation; it affects both young and old. The epidemic comes in liquid form, from a tap or a...

Student LookBook: Styles for springtime

Now that spring has finally arrived, it's time for some new looks. The first instruction to get this season started off with a bang...

Ask Mom: Stressed

Dear Mom, I have been sick for almost two weeks and have missed every single class. Now that I'm going back, I'm finding that I...

Doing SLCC on a Segway

"How fast does that thing go?" This is the most common question I get. To tell you the truth, they aren't very fast, but...

Ask Mom: University anxiety

Dear Mom, This is my last semester at SLCC. I will be going to the U of U next fall, but I am afraid. I...

Letter to the Editor: Keep the ‘Globe’ running

Dear Editor: It is my understanding that the Globe newspaper is rumored to go out of business by February of next year. I would like...

Letter to the Editor: Student fee priorities

The Globe newspaper is a very functional tool. It has put me in touch with fellow sports writers at the Deseret News. The way...