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SLCC Men’s Soccer rolls toward postseason

It's been a rollercoaster of a season for SLCC men's soccer. Early dominance and a 4-2 win over the University of Utah was the...

Iraq, stories told at SLCC

If you're a student at Salt Lake Community College, the Iraq War has been going on for almost as long as you've been alive....

In memory of Phil Erickson

On Friday, Oct. 8 a tree was planted in honor of recently deceased Phil Erickson (1945-2010), who taught three to five classes a semester...

SLCC students return from SACNAS

Fall break weekend usually gives students a little breathing room to take in a movie, catch up on homework, and even venture off for...

Smoking cessation available at SLCC

Many students find themselves walking through a cloud of smoke to and from classes at the many campuses of Salt Lake Community College. It's...

Pizza and what?

SLCC students at the South City Campus are sick of the construction, so they're doing something about it. An event last Wednesday night was...

Choir, not just for grade school

Choir has typically been viewed as a place for music majors and singing nerds who constantly have their eyes in sheet music. What do...

Major decision

In 2009, Salt Lake Community College was ranked fourth in the US for associate degree-granting institutions. With more than 60,000 students this year, it...

Possible student break-in at Taylorsville Redwood Campus

A break-in at the Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus occurred Thursday night. High-end HD camera equipment and some editing equipment was stolen from...

Do you do “e”?

Whether to save green or be green, eBooks, electronic copies of published texts sales increased over 200 percent according to the Association of American...

The President’s and Dean’s list Recognition Reception

In high school we get recognized for good grades with honor rolls and certificates to some food place. The good news is you can...

Flu shots soon available at SLCC

The flu. Surely images of misery, pain, and perhaps certain bodily excretions are running through your head right now. Fear of missing days of...