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SLCC Environmental Club

The Environmental Club began at the SLCC Taylorsville Redwood campus in the fall of 2009 and has been awarded by Student Clubs and Organizations...

Lady Bruins: Road warriors

While the recent spotlight has been cast upon SLCC's men's soccer team and their 4-2 victory over the University of Utah at Rio Tinto...

South City’s children of the night

No one said being a parent or a student was ever easy. To be both can sometimes seem near impossible. But help is delivered...

Professor Carlson: Historian, comedian and astronomer

When most people think of a history teacher they probably remember Professor Binns from the Harry Potter books, a professor so dull he didn't...

Diabetes: Reduce your risk

The American Diabetes Association estimates 23.6 million Americans have diabetes. The SLCC Student Health Clinic can help students lower their risk of becoming part...

UTA boosts bus pass price for SLCC students

SLCC students face a new challenge for the 2010-2011 school year: getting to school. The UTA bus pass, previously free to SLCC students, will...

The Health and Wellness Clinic educates SLCC students on healthy lifestyles

The Health and Wellness Clinic provides students with the necessary information to make healthy choices in life that will help students improve their academic...

Simple habits for maintaining a healthy weight

Here are a few tips for the college student who wants to maintain and keep a healthy weight; never skip breakfast, eat five fruits...

ePortfolio, its not another senior project

This last summer, students' enrolled in general education classes at SLCC began working on their ePortfolio, an online portfolio that some professors have been...

Alcohol on campus: Raising awareness

The use of alcohol on college campuses is something that has been going on for a great number of years. Most people that are...

Hungry? Bruin Bites is the place to be at SLCC

Not every student wants to pack a sack lunch around and it can be a hassle leaving campus to go somewhere and eat. Where...

ePortfolios a new requirement at SLCC

Starting this summer, you've got one more thing to do as a student here at SLCC. The school is introducing ePortfolios as a course...