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Graphic reads "SLCC Juneteenth Celebration"

SLCC observes Juneteenth with planned celebration

Salt Lake Community College will host its first official Juneteenth celebration on June 22.
Woman holds an iPhone X

Students react to new messaging features in upcoming iPhone update

Students discuss the pros and cons of iOS 16, which will allow iPhone users to edit and unsend recently sent text messages.
Distant view of visitors standing near the Great Salt Lake

Hazardous metals aren’t only in Great Salt Lake’s dust, they’re in the ecosystem too

Metals and chemicals dumped into Great Salt Lake's tributaries have been found in the lake's vital ecosystem.
Jennifer Brown, left, and Jefferson Norrell, with Veterans Services

As veterans return to the classroom, programs and mentors are ready to help

SLCC supports student veterans by offering specialized resources and services.
Pride flags, balloons decorate an office wall with text that reads "you belong here"

SLCC kicks off events for Pride Month

Salt Lake Community College will host several online and on-campus events in support of Pride Month.
View of north entrance to CT Building

Diversity in skilled labor is increasing. Disparities still exist, but the industry is making...

As more diverse tradespeople enter the job market, inclusion and equity become increasingly important components at technical schools and workplaces.
Man paddling a kayak across a lake

‘Embrace the salt’ — A kayaker’s quest to share up-close views of an ‘epic’...

Brian Footen aims to create Google Street View-style maps of the Great Salt Lake and other drought-stricken waters and shores across the West.
Sun-shaped Iosepa sign in front of playground

Pacific Islanders celebrate cultural heritage at Iosepa memorial

The Pacific Islander community celebrates their unique place in Utah history at the former Polynesian colony of Iosepa.
Luz Gamarra smiles during a college event

Utah Woman of the Year honoree mentors Salt Lake-area immigrants

Luz Gamarra, the lead academic adviser for humanities and ESL students at SLCC, earned USA Today's recognition for Woman of the Year in Utah.
Man with bicycle walking on dry portion of Great Salt Lake

N. Utah seeing its worst dust in a decade. Why the drying Great Salt...

An increase in dust storms and a massive source of dust pollution looms at the desiccated Great Salt Lake.
Headshot of Chamil Soufianou

Meet SLCC’s Graduates of Excellence for 2022

Seven SLCC students received the special distinction of being named a Graduate of Excellence from their respective schools.
RadioActive KRCL graphic for May 2, 2022

Voices Amplified: May 2, 2022

The #VoicesAmplified team reviews their RadioActive takeovers on the final episode of the spring 2022 semester.