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Bikers leather up for safety

Spring's warmer weather means more bikes on the road, which also means that this is a good time for motorcycle riders to brush up on road safety.
The Good Lovelies

A lovely time with the Good Lovelies

Canadian group treats SLCC to an enjoyable concert.
Kerri Ough, Sue Passmore and Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies

The Good Lovelies harmonize at SLCC

The Good Lovelies held a songwriting workshop in advance of their concert on April 16 at 7 p.m.
Student Art Showcase ceremony

Talent illuminated in art showcase

April 6 was an evening of appreciation for Visual Art and Design students of all walks of life, each with a different view of the world.
Coloring Outside the Lines leaders

Celebrating with pride

The Pride Festival was held from April 2-4 at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus.

Native American Film and Lecture Series discusses culture

The annual Native American Film and Lecture Series kicked off on Tuesday, April 3.
Max Weiss, left, and Shane Green

Rape and sexual assault seriousness discussed

The Collegiate DECA and the Trauma Awareness and Treatment Center met at the Student Center on the Taylorsville Redwood Campus on Friday, April 6 to discuss the issues of date rape, acquaintance rape and assault awareness for their “Date Rape Awareness Expo.”

Fulbright Scholar discusses the differences between Western and Chinese medicine

Dr. Baohua Wang speaks about the different medical approaches to body system conception, diagnostics, symptoms and treatments.
Kunal Nayyar

‘Big Bang Theory’ star yacks with fans at SLCC

Big Bang Theory Star Kunal Nayyar speaks about success and the important things in life, and also takes some questions from the audience in the Lifetime Activities Center at Taylorsville Redwood Campus.
Cynthia Bioteau

President Bioteau is the keynote speaker at Women’s Week

Salt Lake Community College's first woman president speaks at the University of Utah’s Women’s Week celebration on Wednesday, March 21. The theme of this year's event was “Powerful Beyond Measure: Women, Work and Education.”

Dear Dick: Pick-up problems

Dear Dick, Recently I went to meet up with my wife at the airport, who had texted me that she was at the baggage carousel....
Tattoo Convention Art

Local tattoo convention puts more than ink on display

The 9th annual Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention was held Mar. 9-11 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Many in attendance find a family-like...