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Doing SLCC on a Segway

"How fast does that thing go?" This is the most common question I get. To tell you the truth, they aren't very fast, but...

Student LookBook: Valen Hunter

Fashion on campus is something that can be very underestimated. The truth is, every student decides what to put on in the morning before...
Adelaide Clemens, left, and Erin Pitt from 'Silent Hill Revelations 3D.'

‘Silent Hill: Revelation’ isn’t graceful, but is a step up for the series

Romney reviews the sequel to “Silent Hill” in theaters now.
Meatless burger with avocados and tomatoes

The leap into a vegetarian diet can be daunting, but rewarding

Nadhirrah explains how to begin a vegetarian diet and options available for substituting meat.

Rhubarb: indulge in danger with vitamin C

Rhubarb - more than pie filling? Stalk this for better nutrition.
Branden Jackson

Student LookBook: Branden Jackson

Men are quickly becoming more aware of fashion and are acquiring stronger senses of style. During this project, I've been surprised by the amount...

Letter to the Editor: Feral cats on SLCC campus

One Globe reader expresses concern over the wild cats that live at Salt Lake Community College.