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Danielle Cox

Student LookBook: Danielle Cox

"Dressing the part" is something that should be considered when getting ready in the morning. This might make all the difference in how people...

An urgent and critical threat to your education!

Jeffrey Kinsel currently serves as the Student Regent on the Utah Board of Regents but in making these suggestions and observations he is acting...

Ask Mom: Broke

Dear Mom, This semester I paid for my full tuition, or let's just say I'm on the payment plan offered by the college. I have...

Love vs. school: the war within

If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your...

Life under siege: how computers are ruining everything

Hours, days, months, years. Add it all up and how much time have you spent in front of a computer screen? According to recent studies...
Branden Jackson

Student LookBook: Branden Jackson

Men are quickly becoming more aware of fashion and are acquiring stronger senses of style. During this project, I've been surprised by the amount...

Ask Mom: Frustrated divorcee

Mom, Thank you for such an inspiring answer in your last column ("Down in the dumps"). Just like this person, I too was feeling too...

Being an International student at SLCC

I woke up many mornings and I think about the long way I cross to be the one who is typing this article, the...

Where are the Bruin fans?

With two great teams playing on campus, why don't more students attend SLCC basketball games? The men's team has a record of 16-5. The...

Student LookBook: Ivana Kobasijevich

Vintage fashion can easily find its place in any modern wardrobe. I myself am an avid mixer of the old and the new, it...

Ask Mom: Tired already

Dear Mom, School has just started and I'm already having a difficult time balancing college and work life. As for my social life, it's almost...

Ask Mom: Down in the dumps

Mom, I'm an older student returning to school. When I first made the decision to come back it seemed like a good one, but now...