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Read about all things food: culinary school, restaurants, recipes and more.

Eggless Salad on a bed of Lettuce

Mineral rich foods

Nadhirrah explains how a diet in mineral and nutrient rich foods can help where supplements lack.
Meatless burger with avocados and tomatoes

The leap into a vegetarian diet can be daunting, but rewarding

Nadhirrah explains how to begin a vegetarian diet and options available for substituting meat.
milking those seeds

Got milk alternative? How to go dairy-free

Nadhirrah shares her non-dairy milk, cheese and ice cream alternatives.
Green drinks from grocery store

When it comes to smoothies, green is ‘In’

Daily allowances of vegetables and fruit are consumed through the popularity of green drinks and smoothies.
Vegetables wrapped up in lettuce

BYOL–Bring your own lunch

Bringing a brown bag lunch to school or work saves money and makes mealtime special.

Proper nourishment can improve recall, other test taking abilities

Learn which foods can improve certain brain functions critical for success in school.
Artichoke pizza

Gluten sensitivity creates recognizable symptoms

Learn about celiac disease and gluten-free.
SLCC Health & Wellness logo

Keeping weight down just part of the goal at Health Services

During the first year of college, many students struggle to recognize their unhealthy habits that cause weight gain, which often leads to the dreaded...
Cheeseburger and fries

Student eating habits impact how well they learn

Choosing natural, whole foods as snack items can help students learn better and feel better
Jasmine Montero

Vegan, vegetarian, organic…oh my! Food options at SLCC limit opportunities to eat healthy

Vegan, vegetarian, and healthy eaters are limited in food options at college

Let food be thy medicine

Kale Chips Ingredients: One bunch of kale 2 Tbs. Cold pressed olive oil ½ tsp. Natural sea salt ½ tsp. Turmeric ¼ tsp. Cayenne Wash kale and carefully remove the thick...

Be cool as a cucumber this summer with these foods

Nadhirrah’s Cool Cucumber Soup Preparation time about 15 min. Ingredients: •  2 medium cucumbers •  ½ small onion •  3 celery stocks, cut into ½ inch pieces •  2 tsp....