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Read up on the SLCC School of Business, company profiles and more.

H&M coming to Utah

Fashion is everywhere. Gigantic shopping malls are full of fashionable clothing and are in popular demand. One store in particular that is recognized around the world has finally...
Woman carrying Christmas presents wrapped in red paper

6 holiday markets for last-minute shoppers

Waiting to buy your holiday gifts? Check out these local markets open the weekend before Christmas.
Max Weiss, left, and Shane Green

Rape and sexual assault seriousness discussed

The Collegiate DECA and the Trauma Awareness and Treatment Center met at the Student Center on the Taylorsville Redwood Campus on Friday, April 6 to discuss the issues of date rape, acquaintance rape and assault awareness for their “Date Rape Awareness Expo.”
Dr. Yoram Bauman

Comedian: Climate change is no laughing matter

Dr. Yoram Bauman combined comedy and economics during his Earth Day presentation last week.
Apple Juice Productions crew members

At Apple Juice Productions, female filmmakers reign supreme

Former SLCC film student Cassandra Taylor and her sister, Amanda, are leading Apple Juice Productions, a local film production company that is gaining momentum in the industry.
Huftalin applauds Herbert

Quotes from Gov. Herbert’s campus visit

Read some of the responses that Gov. Gary Herbert gave to SLCC students during a Q&A session last Wednesday.

NBA lockout takes a toll on workers

For the first time since 1999, NBA games have been canceled due to a lockout. While the NBA players and owners fight over millions...
Watchtower Cafe

Entrepreneurs take many paths to success

Entrepreneurs often have humble beginnings, but their success stories can inspire others.
Indian Women

SLCC marketing program helps women in India

For the past three years, Salt Lake Community College has been involved in a program with the Women's India Trust (WIT). The program works...

School of Applied Technology prepares students for work in various industries

Learn about how the School for Applied Technology prepares its students for entry into the workforce.
Doug Fabrizio interviewing Dan Rather

Dan Rather visits Salt Lake City

On Tuesday, Oct. 7, award-winning journalist Dan Rather paid a visit to Salt Lake City to discuss the current state of journalism with Utah business owners, journalists, and students.
Murphey vapes

Can vape shops withstand a flavor ban?

With 7 states issuing a ban on flavored vaping products, Austin Brewer explores how a flavor ban could destroy an entire industry.