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Primo Restaurant owner fulfills his American dream

Faced with financial, cultural, and linguistic obstacles, Samir Grahovic went from a poor Bosnian war refugee to the owner of one of Salt Lake's upscale restaurants. Tara Reid shares his story.

Family and human studies alumni share career advice with current students

SLCC graduates returned to the Taylorsville Redwood Campus to offer career advice to the current crop of students in the family and human studies program.
Taher Foods Inc. hiring poster

Labor and supply shortages create obstacles for SLCC’s on-campus dining

Labor shortages, supply outages and a large decrease in sales volume prevented SLCC campus cafes from fully opening.
Outside the Business Building at Redwood

Six new business faculty to be hired by next fall

After a string of retirements, Benjamin Lindsay talks with Barbie Willett about the future of the department.

SLCC to offer Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program

Looking to start your own business? SLCC's new Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program may be just the thing you need!
Black and white headshot of Scott Smith

Launch Leads CEO Scott Smith: ‘You have to believe in yourself’

Scott Smith, president and CEO of Launch Leads in Murray, offers advice to future entrepreneurs.
Storm trooper in front of Watchtower cafe

Watchtower Coffee and Comics moves into new digs

Watchtower Coffee and Comics set up shop one block west on Main Street before the coronavirus outbreak forced them to close.
View of north entrance to CT Building

Diversity in skilled labor is increasing. Disparities still exist, but the industry is making...

As more diverse tradespeople enter the job market, inclusion and equity become increasingly important components at technical schools and workplaces.

Dear Dick, the PEOPLE need you

Dear Dick, I understand that you need to balance the budget.  Spending has gotten way out of control, and we need to rein it in...
John Peters

John Peters of Interpretive Graphics: Small business fosters ‘creative freedom’

John Peters, CEO of Interpretive Graphics, credits the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program for helping him grow his business.
Cara Stosich

SLCC graduate starts photography business

Going to school at Salt Lake Community College gave Cara Stosich the opportunity to refocus her life.
Netflix on TV

Netflix announces biggest price hike yet

The streaming site announced that it will raise prices by 13 to 18 percent.