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Romney's Reviews: 'Oculus'

Romney’s Reviews: ‘Oculus’

Get in-depth feedback from arts reporter Stephen about "Oculus" on this edition of Romney's Reviews.
Crowd gathers outside Egyptian Theatre during Sundance

Sundance on the horizon: don’t miss out

Beginning Tuesday, SLCC students can get deep discounts on tickets to Sundance Film Festival screenings.
Two levels of The Grand Theatre

SLCC nears debut as Sundance venue

In case you missed it: Sundance will be making its debut at The Grand Theatre later this month. Leena Eccles has more.
Outside Brewvies Pub and Grill

Brewvies: A delicious cinematic experience

Dinner and a movie usually means trying to decide on a restaurant, then trying to decide on a film, then trying to decide where...
"Hail Satan?" still

Sundance film review: ‘Hail Satan?’

Elijah Earl takes a look at "Hail Satan?" from the Sundance Film Festival.
Ryan Gosling in 'Drive'

One ‘Drive’ not worth taking

The concept of Drive seemed simple enough. A Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. Something like that isn’t easy...
Henry Cavill in "Immortals"

‘Immortals’ won’t live very long

For some reason film producers love making movies about ancient Greece and the various gods associated with it. This may be because actors like...
A still from the movie Olympus Has Fallen.

‘Olympus Has Fallen’…into ‘Die Hard’ territory

Arts reporter Stephen Romney reviews the newest action film to hit theaters, "Olympus Has Fallen."
Spaceship in the Man in the Moon's eye from "A Trip to the Moon"

The Weekly Reel: Fact, fiction and film

On June 5, 2012, renowned science fiction author Ray Bradbury passed away after a long battle with illness at the age of 91. Bradbury...
Romney's Reviews: 'Noah'

Romney’s Reviews: ‘Noah’

Romney studies "Noah" in great detail on the latest edition of Romney's Reviews.
Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker, right) prepares to fight Vadoma (Erin Wasson).

Honest Abe axes slavery and vampires

With ax in hand, Abraham Lincoln defends the Union against vampires

‘Paranoia’ demonstrates why corporate espionage is a tough sell

Writer Stephen Romney reviews the corporate espionage film Paranoia, a film that under performs with wasted potential.