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Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins in 'Abduction'.

Lautner the action star

Before I go into reviewing Abduction, I have a little housecleaning to do. Yes, I am aware that Taylor Lautner is in Twilight, and...
Left to right: Ian Anderson, Michael Allen and Randy Harward

Students produce indie shorts at Film Bootcamp

Learn about the film production program at SLCC and the project currently in development.
Romney's Video Review of Her

Romney’s Reviews: ‘Her’

Romney's Video Review of "Her."

The Weekly Reel: Top 5 Films of 2012

Arts reporter Stephen Romney gives his top 5 favorite films for 2012.
Angela Rosales Challis

Challis one of many SLCC students to show off filmmaking skills

Angela Rosales Challis submitted two films to the 8th annual SLCCSA Film Festival.
Corner view of Tower Theatre marquee and entrance

Planning a revamp, the Tower Theatre will skip the 2023 Sundance film fest

The historic Tower Theatre in Salt Lake City will not open in time for the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, and there’s no clear timeline for when other screenings will resume at the venue.
For a depiction of a Greek myth, it feels very Roman don't you think? Pictured: Radoslav Parvanov as the fighter Half-Face (Left) and Kellan Lutz as Hercules (Right)

Movie review: ‘Hercules’ tries too hard to be Leonidas

Arts reporter Stephen Romney reviews the lackluster "300" clone. "The Legend of Hercules."
Juliet Devette sitting in tall grass

Student Profile: Juliet Devette

SLCC student Juliet Devette was recently accepted into the University of Southern California's Film Program. Tamara Brune-Wharton sits down with Devette to learn more about her many talents and where her life has taken her.

The Weekly Reel: When evil has a race…

On the Weekly Reel, Stephen Romney discusses the change in a villain's race in cinema in the last several years.

The Weekly Reel: Film adaptations need to differ from the source material

Arts reporter Stephen Romney gives his reasons why film adaptations should be different from their book counterparts.

‘My Soul to Take’ – to a better movie

It's wondered what kind of childhood Wes Craven had since nearly all of his movies depict a group of teenagers getting brutally murdered, usually...