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Read about all things fashion: designs, trends, shows, the SLCC Fashion Institute and more.

Mamey Kamara

Student LookBook: Leah Schreiner

Developing a sense of style can be very cut-and-dry or very haphazard. There are rules that some think must be followed at all times,...
Branden Jackson

Student LookBook: Danielle Parris

Don't make things too complicated in your wardrobe. Danielle Parris, 19, says she likes to keep things "simple for the most part." Her style...
Braxton Duncan

Student LookBook: Mamey Kamara

Be comfortable in your clothing. It's a good to keep comfort in mid if you are planning on looking good and feeling good. This...
Danielle Cox

Student LookBook: Danielle Cox

"Dressing the part" is something that should be considered when getting ready in the morning. This might make all the difference in how people...
Branden Jackson

Student LookBook: Branden Jackson

Men are quickly becoming more aware of fashion and are acquiring stronger senses of style. During this project, I've been surprised by the amount...

Student LookBook: Ivana Kobasijevich

Vintage fashion can easily find its place in any modern wardrobe. I myself am an avid mixer of the old and the new, it...

Student LookBook: Valen Hunter

Fashion on campus is something that can be very underestimated. The truth is, every student decides what to put on in the morning before...