1. As a proud SLCC student, a proud Black man and a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I found myself hated on for being an LDS member. I have had people ask me as a Black man how can I be part of this church (with its so-called history with Blacks) and all I can say is no matter what you believe, if you want to focus on the negative things that is what you are going to find!!
    I also ask them to show me one religion that has been straight perfect since it has existed or an ideology that comes from a perfect man – it doesn’t exist. Why?? Because we are imperfect beings. But that doesn’t make the gospel untrue!!
    To those who have chosen their own paths, I hope you find joy and happiness but please let those who have chosen to embrace their faith do it as they will and let’s not spread fear or doubts in others.
    The same way there are people leaving, it’s the same way there are people coming back!!


    • I absolutely agree with you, I feel like there’s definitely more of an anti-Mormon push than vice versa. Plus, I feel like if you don’t want to be LDS, fine, don’t be, but don’t attack me or treat me lesser for that.

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