1. Here are a few facts about the case. Add these to the ones that were provided by eyewitnesses, corroborated by drone and bystander video, and ultimately proven in court. I hope Casey, Arianne, and others can see the whole picture more clearly knowing these.

    1) The gun was not automatic. AR15’s are not automatic weapons. Kyle was in legal possession of it.
    2) Kyle did not cross state lines with the gun. Even if he did, it is not illegal to do so. Kenosha WI, and Antioch IL are only 20 miles apart. People from Antioch travel to Kenosha to work, for school, for medical care, etc. Kyle worked in Kenosha, his father lives there, that’s why he was there. Kenosha is the “big city” for residents of Antioch. Kenosha just happens to be in another state.
    3) Lighting fires is not peaceful, doesn’t matter if its a dumpster, a car, or a car lot. NOT PEACEFUL!

    I don’t blame Casey for not having any faith in the justice system based what he/she has heard about the incident that night. Having more of the facts helps me maintain my belief we have the most fair justice system in the world.

    Morgan, if you don’t take the time to correct your mistakes, your misinformation may be perceived as factual by uneducated consumers of your media.

  2. No matter which side of the line you are on regarding this trial, it’s apparent journalism has become activism. This article shows commentary from TWO students, and whomever “journalism-ed” all over these students in the interview, didn’t bother to correct their assumptions with FACTS that were presented by prosecution in the trial. I hope we get actual journalism back someday. Present the factual information, let people decide their opinion, stop giving us yours through the biased writing and interviews.

  3. It seems dangerous to include false statements in this article without disputing them. Those that watched the trial would know that contrary to what Schrader said, Kyle’s rifle was kept at his friends house in Kenosha, and that it didn’t cross state lines until it was turned into the police in his hometown 20-30 minutes away. Barbosa also called the rifle automatic which is not true, it was semi-automatic. To own an automatic firearm in the United States as a private citizen is near impossible in today’s day and age. Barbosa also spoke of him as if he was a counter protestor which is only true if a counter protestor is anyone that protects private property, offers first aid to anyone in need, and puts out fires started by the victims, arsonists, looters, or whatever you would like to call them. At no point did video show Kyle engaging in any acts of protest. Contrary to Barbosa, this case restored some of my faith in our justice system. Despite the white supremacist narrative pushed by the left, including the President; and the fact that the jurors were followed by a national news agency in an act of what could be considered jury intimidation, an 18 year old boy is allowed to be free after defending himself from others that would have done him harm. I know Kyle wants to go to ASU, but I’d be happy to have him here at SLCC.

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