1. After reading the above exchange I looked for the cartoon.

    June, what is your specific objection? The cartoon discussed the historical origins of Easter. Then referenced a common component of a different celebration that, confusingly, often goes by the same name.

    This historical fertility celebration is the reason some of my Christian friends refuse to use the term “Easter,” and instead more appropriately label our celebration “Resurrection Sunday.”

    There is a very large difference between the equinox you reference and the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

    The cartoon merely said so.

    Some further reading on the topic can be found here:

  2. As the cartoonist, I’d like to say that your opinion has been noted. However it would be much easier to specifically address your complaints if you had any specific complaints. Simply calling something “trash” is an opinion, and nothing can be done to correct an opinion.

    Poking fun at the traditional conceptions of holidays allows people to think beyond the confines of tradition and explore real history. This is simply critical thinking, something that SLCC has taught me well.

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