1. I absolutely agree with the anonymous letter to the editor; our country was founded on the premise of freedom of religion and with that freedom of expression and speech, yet these values and foundations are now are being trampled upon. If I went to another country I would not ask them to stop celebrating their traditions or pressure anyone to stop decorating or change anything to suit me.
    Yet we have people so obsessed with the notion of offending different groups that they are willing to sacrifice the needs and feelings of one group and suppress their joy and celebration to cater to their perceived notions of what will meet the most minimal expression of the holiday spirit.
    If someone doesn’t like the Christian approach to the holidays then they need to be adults and divert their attention to what they do like if it’s an issue for them.
    If I don’t like something then I don’t go, or do that activity, or eat the offending item, or listen to things I don’t like.
    We all have a choice and in America if we want to celebrate we should be able to put our whole hearts into it.
    Isn’t this the season when the best of human nature takes wing and the expression of generosity and love is most given and received by our fellow human beings?, as much as I wish human nature needed no such catalyst and expressed it’s best nature all year long, irregardless we must resist the temptation to be so paranoid that we dim the light of holiday joy by crushing the spirit of those who who wish to celebrate.

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