1. Dear Mr. Horn:

    I have been a student at SLCC since 2011, completing and continuing programs in Energy Management, Visual Art & Design, and Mass Communication respectively. Each program has had unique circumstances of varying faculty, required texts/supplies, etc. I sympathize with your experience because, perhaps like you, I like to purchase my textbooks early and have everything I need on the first day of class. It allows me to feel prepared, but also maybe to spread the costs over larger time frame.

    The Bookstore does all it can to stock the necessary texts for students, but they rely on the departments and instructors to supply them with the titles needed to be carried on the shelves, and the number of students they anticipate enrolling. Often, that information does not arrive to the Bookstore in advance of the semester with enough time to allow us early purchasers to procure our texts a month ahead of time.

    My advice: either contact the instructor directly to get the information you need, and then purchase your books through another outlet if it is not available at the Bookstore (e.g., Amazon.com), or wait until the first day of class. Any time you purchase texts early, you assume the risk that it may not be what is required for the course. This is so because instructors do change their minds, possibly deciding on an alternate book that fits better with their curriculum, or new editions are issued, etc.

    It has happened to me that despite contacting an instructor a few weeks in advance, the first day of class that person actually changed the requirement. A different text was required. Or the instructor may allow the previous edition, particularly if it could be purchased for a fraction of the cost. Or the text that was a part of the syllabus in semesters past is now no longer required, but merely “recommended.”

    It pays to wait until your first class.

    The Bookstore is not perfect, and the process in how they stock books is not perfect. Patience will work to your favor for purchasing textbooks.

    Have a successful semester!

    Michael Hawker
    Editor in Chief

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