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Ask Mom: In a quandary

Dear Mom, How often is too often for someone to ask you for your notes and how do you politely tell them no? Generally,...

End the mainstream movie madness!

"We want to give students an opportunity to have something different from their classes," says Jacob Jenson, Salt Lake Community College's Redwood Activities Vice-president. "Our...

Letter to the Editor: ‘Globe’ cuts eliminate student voice

I never, ever wanted to pursue anything at all remotely related to journalism. After moving from Texas in the summer, I decided to start looking...

Daylight Saving Time is here to stay

The Utah Legislature shut down a proposed bill which would require the state to observe Mountain Standard Time throughout the year. Changing clocks twice...
Mamey Kamara

Student LookBook: Leah Schreiner

Developing a sense of style can be very cut-and-dry or very haphazard. There are rules that some think must be followed at all times,...

Ask Mom: Boxed in

Dear Mom, What do I do when I have the worst teacher ever? He is unorganized, his subjects are sporadic, and he expects us to...

Focus on girls

"Any discussion of the empowerment of women and gender equality needs to focus on girls," stated Hamidon Ali, President of the Economic and Social...

Why the war between the left and right must end

The ridiculousness of America's political war has reached a state of inescapable intolerability. On both sides-Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, Democrat and Republican-the true...
Branden Jackson

Student LookBook: Danielle Parris

Don't make things too complicated in your wardrobe. Danielle Parris, 19, says she likes to keep things "simple for the most part." Her style...

Ask Mom: Online and overwhelmed

Mom, I have a couple of online classes this semester and they are harder than the ones I am taking in class. I took these...

What about people who don’t like Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day was last week, and not everybody enjoyed it. Some people like me hate this holiday for many reasons: recently broke up, not...
Braxton Duncan

Student LookBook: Mamey Kamara

Be comfortable in your clothing. It's a good to keep comfort in mid if you are planning on looking good and feeling good. This...