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Are you “Earthquake Ready?”

Would you be ready if an earthquake were to strike along the Wasatch Front? What would you do if such a natural disaster occurred? Earthquakes...

Holi: Festival of Colors brings Utahns out from hibernation

People from all over Utah, across state lines, even international borders, came to Spanish Fork, Utah on Saturday, Mar. 27. Situated on the edge...

Ultimate Combat Experience electrifies SLC with mixed martial arts action

It is in the frightening moment when leather meets flesh that the professional mixed martial artist learns what he is made of. As a...

Myths and facts: arranged marriages in India

How do arranged marriages work in India? Does the bride have any say; does the couple meet beforehand? Tuesday, Mar. 10, 2010 at noon...

Uncovering myths: entering the Indian culture

Get a taste of Asia and step into the Indian culture, literally, with tasty appetizers as well as arts and crafts displays. Take a...

H1N1 off the radar for now, more cases expected

H1N1 has hit America with some devastation. Although the heat of it has slowed down in Utah and across the country, for the time...

Fast food deals

Slicing, dicing and cutting the cost of food prices is what's on television now days. Well known food franchises such as Pizza Hut, Quizno's...

SLUG turns 21

Considering the distain with which most outsiders view the underground punk scene, it's perhaps appropriate that Utah's preeminent punk publication is named after a...

Trolley Square hosts art show for Haiti relief

It has been over a month since an earthquake off Haiti's shore brought death and destruction to its people. But relief efforts to the...

China’s art comes to the Salt Lake Library

The Main Library in Salt Lake City launched a new art exhibit on Saturday. Titled "Chinese Painting by Yaodong Hu," the exhibit features 34...

Comfort food found at Ruth’s Diner

The second oldest restaurant in Utah and crowd pleasing baked macaroni and cheese makes Ruth's Diner the hot spot for all ages. Comfort food...

Monster Jam

Ear plugs were necessary in the arena filled with roaring, revving, racing engines, huge wheels, exhaust fumes and dirt you could feel in your...