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Read about the latest news and events impacting the state of Utah.

Shake Shack sign

Famous burger joint Shake Shack comes to Utah

Burger lovers rejoice: Shake Shack will open its first Utah location in 2019.
Inversion in Salt Lake Valley

Poor air quality means poor health for Utahns

The weather inversions that plague the Salt Lake Valley trap pollution that is harmful to residents.
Map of the Middle East

Refugee students no strangers to life hurdles

Learning to live in a new country is the first of many challenges faced by refugee students.
Immigration rally posters

Utah immigrants deal with fear, uncertainty

Despite fears over U.S. policy, immigrants and refugees help SLCC and Utah become more engaged communities.
Scraping ice off a windshield

Tips for staying safe on Utah’s winter roads

Winter weather wreaks havoc on Utah roads, so drivers need to be extra vigilant during the cold months.
Person sitting inside car with black Android smartphone turned on

Texting and driving: Don’t do it

Texting while driving can have serious consequences, and Utah drivers can do their part to avoid the distraction.
Christmas ornaments

Cultural holidays around the world

Learn more about the different celebrations that occur during the holiday season.
Utah State Senate Suite 200

Debate continues over Prop 2 implementation

Questions and concerns arise as legislators study the finer details of the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

4th District update: Still too close to call

Ben McAdams holds a slight lead over Rep. Mia Love, but the race for Utah's 4th Congressional District is still too close to call.
Utah CCJC help the homeless

Criminology club members assist the homeless

The Utah Criminology and Criminal Justice Consortium is doing its part to help the homeless in Salt Lake City. Get an update on Operation Rio Grande and what is happening downtown.

Utah ballot propositions all projected to pass

Get a quick update on some of the statewide propositions and amendments on this year's ballot.

Utah votes to legalize medical marijuana

The controversial Utah ballot initiative Proposition 2 passes Tuesday, earning 53 percent of the vote.