Read about SLCC campus events, programs, clubs, faculty profiles, and more.

‘The Reason’ behind the winner of the chapbook contest

Former SLCC student Wolran Kim won the 2012 chapbook contest and shares how she found her love of poetry.

Swing into SLCC dance classes at South

Country Western and Social Dance classes are being held at South City Campus this semester. Instructor Pam Genovesi has more information.
Cup of coffee

Best coffee hot spots for SLCC students

Coffee is the lifeblood for many college students. Read on to find out where SLCC students say is the best place to get a cup of coffee.

SLCC Talks: Poetry

Welcome to SLCC Talks, a weekly segment where fellow Salt Lake Community College students tell us what they think about a certain campus-related topic. April...
Bruin Bites Food Court

4 places to go for a better SLCC experience

Here are four facilities at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus that every student can use to improve their SLCC experience.

Save money with on-campus services

Gym memberships, haircuts, oil changes, and even teeth cleanings. Students pay for these services everyday but could get for cheap or even for free...

Get a bachelor’s degree at SLCC

Staying at SLCC and going far is possible with the University Center.
Male student runs a camera behind a teleprompter

A pathway to job prospects

Salt Lake Community College students can earn certificates for learning skills they can use in just about any career.
Cars parked at a meter

How to avoid parking problems at SLCC

Read this parking guide to avoid getting a ticket on your car window -- or worse.
Storytime during breakfast

SLCC offers child care options for students

SLCC students with young children have two different options for on-campus child care.
Blue recycling bin

Everyone plays a role in recycling on campus

Learn how SLCC tries to reduce, reuse and recycle almost anything you can think of.
A memo written by Chuck Lepper regarding speech and advertising on campus

SLCC sends Election Day reminder about campus speech policies

Chuck Lepper, the vice president of SLCC Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, sent a memo to students and employees regarding campus speech.