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Tuba secton leads the Bruin Parade Band at Taylorsville Dayzz

The Bruin Parade Band marches through town

SLCC's Bruin Parade Band performs across the Salt Lake valley during the summer.
Marcilina Lodongi

SLCC student works hard to achieve her goals

The story of SLCC student Marcilina Lodongi can serve as an inspiration to others.
LDS Student Association members

LDSSA to host Thanksgiving lunch next Tuesday

The Taylorsville LDS Institute will serve a Thanksgiving-style feast on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Hypnotherapy an alternative method to aid in test-taking prep

Yellow posters are displayed around Salt Lake Community College campuses announcing that hypnotherapy provided by Clyde Young is available to students as an aid...

My mid-college crisis

Just like life, college can also bring about a mid life crisis, but writer Jessica Stewart shares her experience and how she overcame her personal mid-college crisis.
Prism queer support group graphic

SLCC celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month

The Gender and Sexuality Student Resource Center is hosting multiple events in celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month.
NJCAA DI Women's Basketball National Tournament

Women’s basketball: SLCC falls to Trinity Valley in NJCAA quarterfinal

A poor first half keeps the Bruins from advancing in the national tournament.

Bruins Volleyball wins Region 18 Championship

Defeating NIC in 3 sets gives SLCC the right to represent the SWAC as Region 18A Champions.

Voice lessons and American Idol secrets

Carmen Rasmussen Herbert (she's married now), who took sixth overall in American Idol 10 years ago, had a personal voice lesson with her voice...
Tassel on top of money

Get your game on and pay for college

Increasing tuition and loan percentages got you down? Maybe Grantoo can help.

Wearable art part of SLCC’s jewelry club

SLCC student artists refine their talent, learn and share with others in the Lapidary Jewelry Club.
SLCC Environmental Science students take part in a waste audit

SLCC students take action against the use of plastic bags

More than 100 million plastic bags are thrown away every single year in the United States; some SLCC students are trying to bring that number down.