1. The school made several accessible entrances exit only on the South City campus starting 10/1/23, including the accessible entrance to the Grand Theatre.

    The entrance outlined in the article is not accessible as it has stairs (tape can certainly help people not using wheeled mobility aids), and students using wheeled mobility aids are not able to use that door. Undoubtedly this was to improve safety, however, this reduced accessibility to the north end of the school drastically as the door on the north side of the school (near McDonalds) is also exit only. The only entrance close to the north classrooms and disabled parking has stairs and is inaccessible.

    The closure of these entrances mitigates the help of disabled parking spots, as someone using that parking spot would have to walk a significant distance to enter the building, and then reach a classroom on the north end. The ADA push buttons to open the doors were also disabled, so even if someone with a wheeled mobility aid wanted to use the door as an exit they could not. This could be a great follow-up article that could create some immediate change.

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