1. The more you oppress with threats and fear, the more hate, division, and resentment you create. That goes for both sides.

  2. This is a joke. This kind of conformist thinking shouldn’t be pushed in colleges. That’s what is truly sinister. This pushing of one side is precisely why I am leaving slcc, not that I expect that to have any effect on the school. You truly do not care about diversity of thought. So some people don’t like it or use it in a different way. That shouldn’t matter. And if someone said, “I don’t like the pride flag or trans flag I feel it is sinister”, would that also be taken down? No it wouldn’t. And I am not saying it should. I think everyone should be able to support what they want to support, fly the flags they want to and that be that. If you don’t like it, that’s a you problem. Words are not violence. A sticker is not violence. Suppressing ideas, thoughts, and opinions is should be ironic for a college, but sadly it’s not anymore. Truly I do not believe as many people cared about that sticker as this article is making out to seem. I’m leaving so that my money no longer goes to support a college that does expect its students to conform. I would rather pay a higher price somewhere else where I don’t have to feel like I have to watch what I say so I can pass classes.

  3. This is disgusting. “others feel it carries more sinister connotations”?? Give me a break. Facts are facts and do not disappear because of your feelings. This flag is meant to be a symbol for hope and protection. Stop making everything about race. This flag has nothing to do with race. If you’re a law abiding citizen then you have nothing to fear. If you aren’t or have a problem with lawful authority figures perhaps the problem is you, not the symbol.

  4. “While it falls under officers’ First Amendment rights, she said the sticker “would probably not have been up if [school officials] had known it was up.””

    In other words, you can have your First Amendment rights ONLY if they conform to the prevailing narrative.

    Good to know.

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