1. If money is the main reason for low enrollment, I wonder if there is a relationship between low college enrollment and low staffing for part time jobs? Are students expecting their tuition to be paid for? How do you hold someone accountable if they don’t have anything to lose? Would the people who said, “It’s financial” or “Complicated” for not attending school, attend if it was free? Is the rite of passage of working while you put yourself through college on the brink of extinction? Will we no longer hear “Well in my day I had to work and…” or “You think you have it rough?”

    Tens of millions of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic. If you were fortunate you could work from home without fear of losing your livelihood. But what about the unfortunate? Many were creative and found an alternative source of income. As I scrolled through YouTube in search of a DIY video, I came upon a video with close to four million views in a matter of weeks. Was this an educational or instructional video? No, it was a woman half dressed pretending to build a cabinet. On average one can earn $5,752 per million views. So, you have to ask yourself, work a nine to five or go to school for a degree you may not use or use what the good lord gave you making money with minimal effort?

    About a year and half ago I had an opportunity to speak to high school leadership class and asked, if given the opportunity how many of you would want to be a YouTube influencer? Every hand raised and there was an audible and visual excitement that filled the classroom. Several of the students were speaking over each other in an attempt to tell me about their favorite influencer. Due to the age gap, I did not quite understand this reaction. After doing some research I found you can make a decent living on YouTube looking like a complete idiot with very little education, why go to school?

    Another issue I would like to bring up is our education systems inability to evolve with the changing times. Why are general education classes still a requirement? If someone wants to be a front-end web developer, is it pertinent to know about the Baroque period or a tribe in a remote area of South America? There was probably a time when these topics were important but not in the competitive world we live in today. When was the last time the topic of stoic philosophers of the early 3rd century BC was discussed at a dinner party you attended or at your job?

  2. Personally, I think people just need to work more now. It is about money. The stress that comes with working and going to school is already so intense, and now it’s even harder as wages don’t pay enough for us to stay afloat.

  3. It couldn’t be because college campuses have become indoctrination day camps instead of educational facilities?

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