1. I love our police officers. They put their lives on the line for us everyday and work hard to keep us safe. No one else shows up to a shooting. People who don’t like cops can call a crack head and ask for help next time they need it. Police officers are heroes and deserve much more respect than they are given. So to them, I say thank you for your service.

  2. I am glad that we have this article about the recent shooting especially when it is something that could easily happen here at SLCC. I am also glad that the SLCC president gave a reassurance that safety is number one goal here and to say that to go on with our lives by not being in fear of being shot at. If we live in fear of being shot at or being some terror attack then we are letting the bad guys win. We must continue to go about our daily activity and just be keen on what is going around us and report any suspicious activity to the local authorities.

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