1. I think these are excellent tips that us students should use before finals. Most students that have been to college for more then a semester or two know most of these things. But reading this article is a good refresher like getting enough sleep and so on.
    Also for me, I learned not to overwhelm myself and to give myself plenty of time, and to take breaks in between studying – but not too long.
    This article is a good read before finals.

    • I love that you mentioned that these are tips to use before finals. I thought it was really interesting that two articles popped up the week before finals that I felt would have been such a great benefit to students to have at the beginning of the semester rather than at the end.

      Hopefully those that read this one, as well as the other, will be attending Summer Semester and can implement the tips this article includes if they, unlike yourself, didn’t already know them.

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