1. I have to agree with Karla on this. Two of the apps listed are not dating apps, they are shallow, “hook-up” apps. Why not promote Meet-Up which is a safer, more interesting alternative to just randomly getting together with a stranger. At least Meet-Up is organized by interests (not just physical attraction) and you can meet in a safe group setting. Promote making friendships, not shallow, meaningless sex.

  2. In a society that is increasingly becoming disconnected because of social media, I didn’t exactly think it a great idea that the globe online chose to write an article on how to find a date ONLINE. That it suggested such a thing as Tinder, Where if the person doesn’t like your looks they can just swipe you away. There is nothing wrong with being single on a commercial holiday that holds absolutely no special value whatsoever. Why suggest that not having a date on such shallow day would invite feelings of self loathing and loneliness?? Really guys how about next time were put some thought into what you choose to put out there.

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