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Thursday, September 16, 2021
February 29 on a calendar

Carpe diem, it’s leap year

It's time, once again, to pick up the Earth's slack and realign our calendars.
Woman sitting alone on sofa with head on her knees

A nation in isolation: Pandemic creates feelings of loss

People of all ages struggle with the uncertainty caused by the novel coronavirus.
Gordon Storrs shows off the paintings entered into the President's Art Show

President’s Art Show showcases local talent

The President's Art Show, currently on display in the Center for Arts and Media, provides opportunities for student and local artists to get noticed, and even sell their work.
Mark Davis represents SLCC at The Hub at Sundance

Creating an army of film makers

The Hub is a collaborative effort of educational film departments with the Utah Film Commission to be an active presence within the Sundance Community.
Express registration at West Valley Center

After successful first year, West Valley Center seen as place of opportunity

The one-year-old SLCC campus is gaining momentum in the community.
Thaniel Bishop being interviewed

SLCC Green Academy prepares for a greener future

Salt Lake Community College's Green Academy presents new opportunities for students interested in energy management careers such as working in Solar Photovoltaic Systems.
Stephen Lang

Movie review: ‘Don’t Breathe’

“Don’t Breathe” is a low-budget horror film that will shock and surprise audiences.
Arun Gandhi

Gandhi’s grandson spreads his message of nonviolence at SLCC

Arun Gandhi speaks about our role in improving society, ourselves, and our world.

Health and Wellness says Miley Cyrus is wrong

The Freedom from Smoking Program, offered through SLCC Health and Wellness Services, challenges the pop star's message in an effort to inspire students to quit tobacco.
Full planter boxes at South City

From seeds to deeds: New community garden nurtures spirit of service

In a few short months, a community garden has blossomed just outside the South City Campus. Learn about the work that went into the garden and who will benefit from it.
West Valley Center

SLCC resources for non-traditional students

SLCC supports undocumented and low-income students as they pursue a college education.
A movie still from Skyfall featuring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem

‘Skyfall’ a reinvention of loving homage to the James Bond franchise

Romney reviews the latest in the James Bond series, Skyfall.