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‘Spirit of Vengeance’ is at least a better take on ‘Ghost Rider’

Marvel Studio's second shot at bringing Johnny Blaze to the big screen is a step up from the first movie, but is far from perfect.

Story includes a video review by Stephen Romney.

The Weekly Reel: A brief look at tokusatsu

In honor of Anime Salt Lake, Stephen Romney presents a brief history and analysis of the tokusatsu genre.

‘The Secret World of Arrietty’ is small in scale but big in personality

In a new animated film, two worlds that were never meant to meet collide and change two people's lives forever.

Folio staff announces the Franken-Folio Remix Contest

Salt Lake Community College's literary magazine offers a bank of media, and invites students to stitch something together.
Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington in "Safe House"

‘Safe House’ is a safe bet

"Safe House" proves to be a moderately entertaining, mildly thought provoking spy thriller. It earns a 3/5.

Featuring a video review by Stephen Romney

‘Miss Evers’ Boys’ performers share their personal experiences with the play

Just as the Tuskegee Study had an impact on the scientific process, the play centered on that study affects its actors.

The Weekly Reel: Let it end or just make more!

Stephen Romney rants about his frustrations with 3D re-releases of films.

Visual Art and Design department offers cash prize in poster design contest

VAD calls for student submissions in preparation of their 2012 Student Art Showcase.

‘The Woman in Black’ heralds Hammer’s return

The Woman in Black provides an old school thrill that is sure to terrify any horror fan, and earns a 4/5.
This week, catch a video review along with our print story.

Teacher Sheila Chambers wins with Paris view

A SLCC professor wins an award for her Eiffel Tower photograph.