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The Weekly Reel: Teenage Tinseltown and the Full Fathom Five fiasco

The Globe presents a brief commentary on the recent surge of Young Adult Fiction and the journey to the silver screen.
Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

The odds are in favor of ‘The Hunger Games’

Though based on a series of young adult novels The Hunger Games succeeds where Twilight fails, and earns a 4/5.
Women's Week kicks off at the Grand Theatre

‘Miss Representation’ brings awareness and empowerment to the Grand Theatre

A Sundance film that details how women are underrepresented and objectified in the media screens at SLCC's Grand Theatre on March 19. The event kicks off the University of Utah’s Women’s Week.
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street

’21 Jump Street’ is a loyal homage to the 80’s

21 Jump Street proves to be a delightful action comedy tribute to the 80's, and earns a 3.5/5.

The Weekly Reel Double Feature: From the small screen to the silver screen (and...

To coincide with the release of 21 Jump St., Stephen Romney presents his list of the top 3 films based on TV Shows and the top 3 television shows based on movies.
Regional finalists: Team 2403–Team Plasma, Team 3245–The Ravens, and Team 3230–Protoypex

Robots rebound and rumble at the Maverik Center

Teams of high students square off in a three day basketball-themed robotics competition on March 15-17.

Burmese human rights film ‘Into the Current’ shows in SLC

Admission is free for a movie about the struggle for democracy against a dictatorship. The film will be presented on Tuesday evening at the downtown Salt Lake City Public Library.
The cheerleaders and basketball team in Off Broadway Theatre's "Gleek School Musical."

‘Gleek School Musical’ shines at the Off Broadway Theatre

A snarky mash-up of popular teenage musical dramas is over-the-top and angsty fun.

The Weekly Reel: Pulp heroes and the silver screen

To coincide with the release of John Carter, The Globe presents a look at other pulp heroes who have made the journey to the silver screen.