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‘The A-Team’ brings laughs and over-the-top action together, again

After 5 seasons on the air and 23 years until now, The A-Team got what all long awaited shows get, a movie. Originally a...

‘Splice’ takes audiences in a new cinematic direction

Every now and then a film comes along and pushes boundaries. They leap past what the social conscious accepts and dares us to not...

‘The Losers’ comes out of obscurity to satisfy audiences

Warner Bros. dug deep into their catalog of source material and found an obscure comic book by the name of The Losers. Realizing the...

‘Date Night’ is not the cure for a boring relationship

It's almost shocking that no one thought to make a comedy staring Steve Carell and Tina Fey until now. It's just too bad that...

Banality holds the ‘Titans’ at bay

Have you ever watched a film and thought, hey that wasn't bad, and on your way home tore it apart and thought: what a...

Dragons, Vikings and 3D: just another weekend at the movies

Yes, it is another 3D film about a culture of people riding flying creatures? Well, Avatar was last year, this year we get How...

‘Greenberg’ is what happens when hipsters grow up

Greenberg is a story of after the settled aftermath of someone's failed dreams. What if you were the talented member of a band and...

Hard not to laugh at Kevin Smith’s ‘Cop Out’

Over the years the buddy cop movie has been done time and time again. Many classics come to mind when you think of the...

‘The Wolfman’ is a disappointing CG nightmare

Watching a film that you were excited to see is almost always a recipe for disaster. The Wolfman is a film that had many...

‘Dear John’ proves distance and relationship make for good drama

How often do we look at a movie poster or watch a trailer and jump to a conclusion of how the movie will be?...