1. I have always been an online student for medical purposes. It is just easier with Canva. For the most part it has gone pretty well, however, here are some areas that could be improved.

    *Too many classes are purely self taught. Meaning, you only read the book and that is it, and there is hardly any interaction from the professor.

    *Timely grading. It annoys me that we are expected to hand in our assignments in a timely manner but Professors can take forever at grading your assignments.

    *I don’t know how much control SLCC has over this, but not enough classes have immersive readers. More text books on Kindle would be nice. Textbooks are heavy, take up a lot of space, and are a waste of trees with the technology we have now. With a Kindle you can enlarge the text and have a back lit screen, making it easier to read.

    *About half of professors leave feedback on graded assignments and half don’t. It’s more or less just nice seeing a little remark and knowing what you did well or didn’t do well – it feels like the professor is engaged in a commitment to your success.

  2. I think this is beautifully written, absolutely agreeable but what steps are being taken to make concrete changes within these issues? What can I as a student do to aid in the process of improving these problems?

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