1. They don’t care about our education or our financial well being. I haven’t seen any decrease in prices for all classes going online only. Online classes are cheaper for the school, many classes can’t provide the same quality as in person classes, yet they still cost the same. The coursework is remedial due to lack of understanding by teachers to communicate information via online classes. There are many teachers that struggle with teaching online, so our education suffers, but we still have to pay the same amount of money. Stop forcing classes to be online only, many students and teachers struggle with online compared to in person classes. If you are only going to offer online classes only , drop tuition prices.
    SLCC campuses are also still requiring parking permits to visit the campuses, and are ticketing if you do not have one. If they are so concerned about our financial troubles during these times, couldn’t they help out and waive parking fees until our economy improves? The parking lots are almost entirely empty, and with most our classes forced online, most students are not visiting campus as often, or as regularly. I still have to show up to campus occasionally for labs, so I have to pay full price for a parking pass, to park in an empty parking lot, for the few days I have to show up. Also, many students such as myself, paid for a parking permit for the spring and summer semesters, but classes were canceled. I was never refunded for my permit, although I paid for it so I could park on campus, but was forced to take classes online instead of showing up.
    This school pretends to care about all their students, and is pretending to be looking out for our best interests, but they are just like the rest of the country. They are looking for money, and only care about themselves. I have also filed a couple complaints about instructors over the years, but have never had anybody reach out to me about my complaints, and there were no actions taken to solve the issues. They don’t care about their students, they only care about themselves.

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