1. What are you guys talking about! I am latino and I do not see any problem with those fliers. If it is leftist propaganda tho, you guys would not even be talking about it.

  2. I looked at their website and found nothing racist about it. I would ask what exactly makes them racist? If you don’t agree with them, that doesn’t make them white supremacists or Nazis. (Those words are thrown around so loosely, they hardly carry a feather’s weight.)

    I heard no racial slurs, I saw no racial insignia. It’s pretty childish to scream racist with no proof. Supporting deportation of illegal immigrants is not racist. But nice try with a racial blanket slander.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of them. You gave them another supporter.

  3. This paper needs to teach its reporters to report facts, not opinion. A person that opposes illegal immigration does not necessarily make a racist.

    I guess the freedom of speech does not reside at SLCC.

  4. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with this. But, the First Amendment guarantees the right to speech whether you agree with it or not. It doesn’t matter whether or not you find it offensive.

    When you suppress someone’s speech for ANY reason you are standing against the Constitution, no matter if you’re an institution or a student. No one has a right to suppress anyone’s speech.

    Since when is one group’s opinion/feelings more valid than anyone else’s? If you support one side and not the other, THAT is discrimination.

  5. Probably a leftist hoax to generate fear.

    That being said, if you are illegal then just go start taking the steps to become legal and pay your taxes.

    My wife had to do it the right way and pay her fair share of time and money. When you decide you’re too good for that and you want to cut the line it’s not fair for the people who are doing it right.

  6. No freedom of speech here. If people can post left wing propaganda, then right wing propaganda should be allowed.

  7. So upsetting. We have such a wonderful and diverse student body. Nobody should be made to feel unwelcome.

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