1. You are seriously shallow. The Death Cure isn’t stupid at all. You literally didn’t show any evidence of it being stupid, you just called it stupid. If you talk so bad about this trilogy, I’d hate to see what you think of every other zombie or post apocalyptic movie.

    Yes, they have different names for zombies and for the cure and for “the resistance”. THAT’S BECAUSE THEY WERE TRYING TO BE DIFFERENT. And it was. It isn’t like any other zombie movie I’ve seen. That’s the point. If you want the same old zombie stuff, go watch The Walking Dead.

    If you want something that is futuristic, sci-fi, and zombie, this is a great choice. You clearly haven’t read the books. The characters ARE NOT stupid. They build and gain depth through the trilogy. Losing any of them feels like losing a real friend. This movie isn’t a cookie cutter zombie movie, that’s why it’s better.

    It doesn’t compare with The Last of Us (which I played all the way through and loved) either because the setting is DIFFERENT. This is much more in the future, and The Last of Us is set in the present. While I agree that The Last of Us has an amazing storyline, I feel the Maze Runner series has a great story, too. It’s just different. Like comparing an apple to a pear.

    And yes, everyone noticed that W.C.K.D. spells wicked. That’s why they call it that. That’s the point. Apparently you missed that.

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