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Students view two finger paintings

What’s Bruin’ – Speed fingerpainting

On the final episode of What's Bruin' for the spring 2022 semester, Bruins face off to see who can paint the best using only their fingers and with limited time.
Eli Hansen, Asia Soth, and Eric Drubbing seated at a table

What’s Bruin’ – Hot Wing Challenge

Watch as two SLCC students attempt to complete the Reaper Wing Challenge in three minutes.
Eli Hansen, left, interviews Payton England

What’s Bruin’ – Students share favorite social media

SLCC students discuss their favorite social media platforms with producer Eli Hansen on this episode of What's Bruin'.
Decorated pie topped with a holiday tree cake and whipped cream

What’s Bruin’ – Pie decorating

Who doesn't love to decorate pie for the holidays? Check out this new tradition brought to you by SLCC students on this episode of What's Bruin'.
Olivia Alcantar tries kimchi-flavored seawood

What’s Bruin’ – Diverse snacks

Producer Mike Adamson gathers feedback on some diverse snacks on the first What's Bruin' episode of the spring 2022 semester.
Megan McArthur smiles during a game

What’s Bruin’ – Box of Lies

Host Michael Adamson oversees a game of "Box of Lies" on this episode of What's Bruin'. Watch as two SLCC students face off to see who is lying and who is telling the truth.
Calvin Jackson, film major

What’s Bruin’ – Students talk end-of-semester stress

Michael Adamson talks to fellow students about dealing with the stress of the end of the semester.
Eli Hansen interviews Ashley Bates

What’s Bruin’ – Students talk dream destinations

On this episode of What's Bruin', show producer Eli Hansen talks to SLCC students about their dream vacation spots.
Christina Martinez

What’s Bruin’ – Students talk music

Mike Adamson and Alliyah Uribe talk to SLCC students about what music they are listening to right now.
Mavaney, left, and Taaliyah engage in conversation

What’s Bruin’ – Utah license plates

What's Bruin' host Mavaney Burnham polls SLCC students to find out which Utah license plate they think is best.
Frank Igiraneza talks about his holiday plans

What’s Bruin’ – Students talk holiday plans

SLCC students talk about their plans for the semester break on this episode of What's Bruin'.
Students practice a K-pop dance routine in the studio

What’s Bruin’ – K-pop

Mike Adamson and Gerardo Galvez-Zamora learn the latest K-pop dance from instructor Lauren Uribe and the SLCC Intro to Jazz Dance class.